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GroeschelLong live the Queen of Free! Practical, witty and downright inspirational, Cherie’s debt-slaying book will lead you out of the dark pit of debt dragons to a place of hope and financial freedom with "been-there, don’t-do-that" wisdom. Craig and Amy Groeschel, Founders of LifeChurch.tv

Margaret FeinbergThe tentacles of debt don’t just burrow into pocketbooks and bank accounts, they entangle our relationships, our attitudes, and our hearts. This fresh look at living debt-free once and for all is compelling, inspiring, and practical. You can’t afford not to buy this book.
Margaret Feinberg, Author of Wonderstruck and Fight Back With Joy

Kurt BubnaA plethora of words come to mind after reading this incredible book: insightful, honest, practical, challenging, wise, and useful. Cherie Lowe tells her saga with humor, guts, and raw transparency. It is a story that will encourage you to face your own debt dragon with hope and determined courage.
Kurt W. Bubna, Pastor and author of Epic Grace: Chronicles of a Recovering Idiot

Holley GerthIn today’s world, financial choices we thought would bring happiness often turn into chains that keep us from experiencing the freedom that is ours through Jesus. Cherie Lowe will give you the practical tips, tools, and encouragement you need to break the bondage of financial burdens and discover how to live a truly abundant, joyful life. Holley Gerth, Bestselling author of You’re Going to Be Okay

Scot LongyearWith flair, candor, and humor, Cherie Lowe offers a field-tested plan to turn your finances around. Her real-life story, strategies, and no-nonsense advice will help you find the freedom you've been dreaming of. Scot Longyear, Senior Pastor of Maryland Community Church, Terre Haute, Indiana

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Dreams motivate us. They give us a piece of the future to hold on to when the present seems too frightening. #slaydebt

If you want victory over debt, you must make the battle personal. #slaydebt

Having a slamming sixth birthday party will not pay for your child’s college education. #slaydebt

Living simply is sweet for your soul. It’s a pursuit you can delight in and enjoy. #slaydebt

The small act of personifying your debt makes your soul cry out, That’s not right! This bully must be stopped. #slaydebt

Debt is your enemy, not the budget. #slaydebt

The practice of joint household finances is pursued one day at a time, one expense at a time. #slaydebt

Naming your debt can annihilate that unspoken and unidentifiable fear that debt brings into your life. #slaydebt

Paying off debt means you have to let go of wanting to be like everyone else. #slaydebt

Willingness to lead (not shove) & to be led (not pulled along) are crucial mind-sets for married couples who are working to get out of debt. #slaydebt

Paying off debt isn’t complex, it’s just not easy. #slaydebt

I still pray to be delivered from debt every single day. #slaydebt

Even when your faith is small, God’s love is enormous. #slaydebt

Budgeting is also a great reminder that everything you’ve been given is a gift from God. #slaydebt

Leave any extra cash in your checking account at all, I promise you it will grow legs & walk to Target. #slaydebt

. . . strengthening ourselves physically or financially requires first tearing and then rebuilding muscle. #slaydebt

You have to ask yourself if fear has more value than freedom in your life. #slaydebt

No friendship is worth torching your financial future. #slaydebt


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